Our titles are available in two formats: as instantly downloadable movies that will play on Windows, Mac and Linux computers with Quicktime installed, and on DVD or Blu-ray disc that will be delivered by mail.
Our region-free DVDs and Blu-ray discs play anywhere in the world. We ship blank DVD-R in PAL or NTSC format, depending on your geographical region, discretely packed iin a neutral envelop. Worldwide shipping is free of charge.
If you don't want to wait for the mailman, you can download our titles in near DVD quality straight to your hard drive! Click on the Download FAQ below for more information about our movie downloads.
If you need support after a purchase, please send an email to support@praying-mantis-video.com.
Don't forget to include your order number.
When can I download my movie?
Processing an order takes from 10 minutes to 8 hours. Once your payment is processed you receive an e-mail with a download link that remains valid for 10 days.

How long does it take to download a movie?
The file sizes vary from 450 to 800 MB. On broadband connections a download takes 10 to 90 minutes. Please do not order full-length videos on a very slow internet connection. We can not issue refunds if you're unable to download due to bad connectivity.

What software do I need to watch the movies?
Movie files will download in .zip format. After unzipping use one of the following players for playback:

Quicktime 7 | VLC Media Player | RealPlayer | Mplayer

Can I use Windows Media Player for playback?

How do I know if it works for me?
Download this sample file and find out.

Why do I get audio but no image?
Please upgrade or re-install Quicktime or use VLC Media Player. Windows ME users have to use VLC.

What are the movie specs?
Resolution: 720x576 pixels, full PAL
Video format: H.264, 2-pass encoding, 25 fps
Audio format: AAC, stereo, 32,000 kHz
Data rate: 1,550 kbits/s